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Health care cost are high and getting higher. Who will pay your bills if you have a serious accident or major illness? Most of the times we are unprepared for these difficult times, emotionally, as well as financially. General insurance company offers health cover policies that protects you and your family in case you need expensive medical care. It also offers you cashless benefit & medical reimbursement for hospitalization expenses.

Unique Features :

  • Cashless Facility - With Health Insurance, the member has access to the cashless facility at various hospitals across India (Subject to exclusion and Conditions)
  • The member can opt for hospitals besides the empanelled ones, in which case the expenses incurred by him shall be reimbursed within 20 to 30 working days from submission of all the documents.
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization expenses - Covers relevant medical expenses incurred prior to and after hospitalization.
  • Cumulative Bonus of 5% to your sum assured for every claims free year.
  • Family Discounts of 10% is applicable. (Family discounts 10% to be deducted & Service Tax 12.24% to be added.)

Proposals for Personal Accident Insurance.

The policy provides for the payment of certain amount or disablements of insured person due to an accident. The amount depends on the capital sum insured.

Details of the cover are shown in the policy wordings. Brief particulars are given below for reference.

For the sake of convenience Benefits are shown below for a Capital Sum Insured (CSI) of Rs. 100000/-


  • Death only Rs. 100000/-
  • Loss of 2 limbs, 2eyes or 1 limb and 1 eye Rs. 100000/-
  • Loss of 1limb or 1 eye Rs. 50000/-
  • Permanent Total Disablements from injuries other Rs. 100000/- Than those named above (PTD)
  • Temporary Total Disablements (TTD) at 1% of CSI Rs. 1000/- Per Up to 100 weeks (Maximum weekly benefits not Week Exceeding Rs. 3000). However listed to Capital Sum Insured.

Additional Benefits free of cost available under all Tables

  • Expenses for carriage of dead body of the insured person (Death dur to accident only) to the place of residence 2% of CSI of Rs. 2,500/- whichever is lower.
  • Education grant is payable in the event of death or permanent total disablements of the insured person:
  • One dependent child below 25 years of age 10% od CSI subject to maximum of Rs. 5000/
  • More than one dependent child below 25 years of age 10% of CSI subject to maximum OD Rs. 10,000/-.


general insurance

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This policy covers all types of vehicles plying on public roads such as:-

  • Scooters &Motorcycles
  • Private cars
  • All types of commercial vehicles
  • Motor Trade (vehicles in show rooms and garages)

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 it is mandatory for every owner of a vehicle plying on public roads, to take an insurance policy, to cover the amount, which the owner becomes legally liable to pay as damages to third parties as a result of accidental death, bodily injury or damage to property. A Certificate of Insurance must be carried in the vehicle as a proof of such insurance.

Two types of covers are available:
  • Liability only policy. This covers third party liability for bodily injury liability and / or death and property damage. Personal Accident cover for Owner-driver is also included.
  • Package policy. This cover loss or damage to the vehicle insured in addition to (1) above.

No- claim discounts are available on renewal of policy, ranging from 20% to 50%, depending upon the type of vehicle and the number of years for which no claim has been made.


Liability Only policies:
The policy covers the vehicle owner's legal liability to pay compensation for:

  • 1. Death or bodily injury to a third party person.
  • 2. Damage to third party property.

Liability is covered for an unlimited amount in respect of death or injury and damage to third party property for Rs.7.5 lacs under Commercial vehicle and private and Rs. 1 lakh for Scooters / Motor Cycles.

Package Policy

In addition to the coverage under liability only, this policy covers loss or damage to the insured vehicle and its accessories due to:

  • Fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning.
  • Burglary, housebreaking or theft.
  • Riot and Strike.
  • Malicious Act.
  • Terrorist Act.
  • Earthquake (Fire and Shock) Damage.
  • Flood, Typhoon, Hurricane, Storm, Tempest, Inundation, Cyclone and Hailstorm.
  • Accidental external means.
  • Whilst in transit by road, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air.
  • By landslide/Rockslide

The policy also pays for towing charges from the place of accident to the workshop upto a maximum limit of Rs.300/- for Scooters/Motorcycles and Rs.1500/- for cars and commercial vehicles. It is also permissible to opt for higher towing charges subject to payment of extra premium.
A restricted cover is also available covering the risk of Fire and/or Theft only, in addition to the compulsory cover granted under "Liability Only Policy". However the same is not available in case of vehicle ratable under Class D, Tariff for Miscellaneous and special types of vehicles.

Rating factors Rating depends upon the following factors:

  • IDV.
  • Cubic capacity
  • Geographical zone
  • Age of the vehicle
  • GVW of in case of commercial vehicles

Add on Covers

The policy can be extended to cover the following risks on payment of additional premium:

  • 1. Loss or damage to accessories fitted in the vehicle such as stereos, fans, air-conditioners etc.
  • 2. Personal accident cover under private car policies for:
    • 1. passengers
    • 2. paid driver
  • 3. Legal liability to employees.

    • Who can take the policy

      Any vehicle owner whose vehicle is registered in his/her name with the Regional Transport Authority in India.

      How to select the sum insured

      The sum insured of a vehicle in a Motor Policy is referred to as the I.D.V., which stands for Insured's declared Value.
      In case of theft of vehicle or if the vehicle is totally damaged and beyond repairs in an accident, the claim amount payable will be determined on the basis of the IDV. The IDV of the vehicle is to be fixed on the basis of manufacturer's listed selling price of the brand and model of the vehicle proposed for insurance at the commencement of insurance / renewal and adjusted for depreciation as per schedule.
      IDV of vehicle which is beyond 5 years of age and of obsolete models of the vehicles (i.e. models which the manufacturers have discontinued to manufacture) is to be determined on the basis of an understanding between insurer and insured.

      How to claim

      In the event of an incident giving rise to a claim under the policy, the following steps should be taken:
      In case of accidental damage to the vehicle:

      • 1. Immediate intimation to the nearest office, which will issue a Claim Form.
      • 2. Claim Form duly filled in to be submitted along with copy of Registration Certificate and driving license of the driver of the vehicle at the time of accident as also estimate of repairs.
      • 3. Vehicle will be surveyed by a Surveyor, appointed by the insurance company, who shall submit his report to the company. In case of a major damage to the vehicle, a spot survey, at the site of accident, would also be arranged by the company.
      • 4. Final bills/cash memos are to be submitted duly signed by the insured.
      • 5. Salvage of the damaged parts may be required to be deposited with the insurance company after approval of the claim.

      In case of theft of the vehicle:
      • 1. Lodge an F.I.R. with the police immediately.
      • 2. Inform the policy issuing office with a copy of FIR.
      • 3. Submit the Final Police Report as soon as it is received.
      • 4. Extend full cooperation to the surveyor and/or investigator appointed by the company.
      • 5. After approval of the claim by the company, get the Registration Certificate transferred in the name of the company, hand over the keys of the vehicle, submit a letter of Subrogation and Indemnity on stamp paper duly notarized.

      In case of liability claim:
      • Inform insurance company immediately of any incident likely to give rise to liability claim.
      • On receipt of summons from Court, the same should be sent to the company immediately.

      Claim Form duly filled in along-with copies of Registration Certificate, Diving License, FIR are to be submitted.

Travel Elite

We have customized plans for virtually every travel need. All you have to do is choose a plan that suits you:

Individual :Silver, Gold, Platinum, TravelAsia Elite-Flair & Supreme, Policies with varying benefits/limits/premiums to choose from.
Family :travel Elite Family Floater benefits for the entire family under a single policy.
Senior Citizen :Travel Age Elite Silver, Gold and Platinum Exclusively designed for the health needs of the 61-70 yrs age group.Travel SuperAge Elite-for individuals aged 71-75yrs.
Corporates Student :Corporate Elite Lite and Plus. Meets the exclusive needs of corporate travelers. Student Elite Plan A Customized policy for students traveling abroad to study.
Student & Corporate Travelers :For specific plans devised to suit your needs, please contact nearest branch office or call on our toll free numbers.

What is Travel Elite?
Travel Elite gives the discerning traveler an array of policies to choose from, with each policy customized to meet our specific needs. Depending upon whether one is a student, businessman, corporate executive, senior citizen or one traveling with the family, one can choose Travel Elite, Travel Asia Elite, Travel Elite Family, Corporate Elite or Student Elite Policies. The policy is comprehensive and covers personal Accident ( death and disablement ), Medical Expenses and Repatriation (including medical evacuation to a hospital in India pre-approved by claims administrator), Loss and Delay of Checked Baggage, Loss of Passport, Personal Liability (legal), Cashless Service, Hospitalization expenses, Golfer™s Hole-in-one, Hijack Cover, Trip Delay, Trip Cancellation, Trip Curtailment, Home Burglary Insurance, Emergency Cash Advance and Accidental Death and Disability (Common Carrier)

What do Trip Delay, Cancellation and Curtailment entail?

  • Trip Delay: If the aircraft on which you are booked to travel from India is delayed beyond 12 hrs from original scheduled departure time, the sum mentioned in the schedule is paid.
  • Trip Cancellation is compensation for loss of personal accommodation or travel charge, following the cancellation of the trip due to death, serious injury or sudden sickness requiring minimum three days hospitalization of insured of family member.

Similarly, for Trip Curtailment under the above-mentioned circumstance, the company compensates the insured.

Does Travel Elite offer Cash less service?
Yes. Travel Elite offers Direct Settlement for in-hospital medical expenses abroad. (Subject to policy terms and conditions and sub-limits)

What if I am in urgent need of cash abroad?
One of the important features of this policy is Emergency Cash Advance. It is an assistance service, wherein the company facilitates providing emergency cash to the insured during incidents such as theft/burglary of luggage/money or hold ups by co-coordinating with the insured personal's relatives in India to provide emergency cash assistance to the insured person as per his requirement, up to the limit specified in the policy schedule.

Any Other Special Features of the Travel Elite Policy? Yes, The Golfer's Hole-in-one is a sporting gesture from the company. It offers reimbursement of expenses incurred in celebrating hole-in-one by the insured during the trip, anywhere in the world (excluding India) in a United States Golfer™s Association recognized golf course.

These are specially customized travel policies that cater to the needs of an individual traveling abroad. They cover all medical eventualities including hospitalization and other incidental expenses at a fraction of the amount that would be otherwise needed. Depending upon your requirement ( the sum insured and the premium payable), you can choose from any of these three policies.

  • Travel Elite Silver:Specially compiled travel policy that caters to the needs of an individual traveling abroad. It covers all medical eventualities including hospitalization and other incidental expenses at a fraction of the amount that would be otherwise needed.
  • Travel Elite Gold:A travel policy that caters to the needs of an individual traveling abroad. It covers all medical eventualities including hospitalization and other incidental expenses while also offering much higher insured sum.
  • Travel Elite Platinum:the policy offers high value benefits for an individual traveling abroad. It covers all medical eventualities including hospitalization and other incidental expenses with enhanced medical coverage of $5,00,000 and increased limit of $1,000 for emergency cash.
  • Travel Asia Elite:This is a special package devised for individuals traveling to Asia. Travelers can select from Travel Asia Flair and Travel Asia supreme, according to their need for cover. These packages are extremely convenient with cover options ranging from 1-30 days.
  • Travel Elite Family:If you are traveling abroad with your family, this package is designed for you. It covers the entire family (self & spouse upto 60 years of age, two children, under 21 years ) for medical eventualities abroad and provides floater benefit to individual family members.
  • Travel Super Age elite: This package is specially designed for senior citizens aged between 71-75 years. Travel Super Age Elite US$50,000

Corporate Travel

We have customized plans for virtually every requirement of Corporate Employees traveling abroad. All you have to do is choose a plan that suits you:

  • Travel Companion Corporate: Corporate Lite & Corporate Plus
  • Travel Elite Corporate: Corporate Lite & Corporate Plus
  • Corporate Age Package: Corporate Age Lite & Corporate Age Elite

Policies with varying benefits/limits/premiums to choose from.

Why do I need a Corporate Travel Plan?
Traveling abroad for business purposes has become a necessity for everyone. Hence to make your journey tension free & risk free, we are providing a comprehensive cover, which suite your individual requirements.

What is travel Companion Corporate?

  • 1. Medical expenses and repatriation covers hospitalization expenses for accident or illness, including medical evacuation wherever necessary.
  • 2. Loss of checked baggage covers total and complete loss of baggage checked in, by an international airline.
  • 3. Delay of checked baggage covers the cost of emergency purchase of replacement item.
  • 4. Personal accidents cover death and permanent disability.
  • 5. Loss of passport covers the reasonable and necessary expenses to obtain a duplicate passport or a valid travel documents.
  • 6. Personal liability covers the legal liability attaching in a private capacity, during the course of overseas travel.
  • 7. Hospitalization Daily Allowance covers daily allowance maximum up to USD 150. Applicable only for Corporate Frequency Traveler Policy holders.
  • 8. For each 24hrs Period the insured is detained by hijackers following hijacking of any aircraft in which the insured is traveling, the company will pay the sum specified in the schedule.
  • 9. Trip delay if the aircraft on which you are booked to travel from India, is delayed beyond 12hrs, from the original scheduled departure time, then the sum insured in the schedule is paid.

What is Travel Elite Corporate? This plan is for Corporate employees who are frequently traveling abroad. We have two exclusively designed plans, Corporate Lite and Corporate Plus.

What does Travel Elite Corporate cover for me? This plan includes the same benefits as above; the additional advantages are as follows:

  • 1. Accidental Death & Disability (Common Carrier): Compensation in addition to the sum insured specified under the personal accident section, in case of accidental bodily injury resulting into death;/permanent disability while traveling in a common carrier such as rail, bus, tram or aircraft during the course of journey.
  • 2. emergency Cash Advance: This is an assistance service when the insured person requires emergency cash following incidents like theft/burglary of luggage/money or hold up.
  • 3. golfers Hole-in one: Reimburses expenses incurred in celebration of achieving a hole in one by the insured during the trip, anywhere in the world excluding India, in a United States Golfer™s Association (USGA) recognized Golf Course.
  • 4. Trip Curtailment: Compensation for loss of personal accommodation of travel charges following the necessary and unavoidable cancellation of the trip due to death, serious sickness or sudden sickness requiring minimum three days hospitalization of insured or family member(spouse, parent or child)
  • 5. home Burglary Insurance: This covers the loss of or damage to contents, excluding jewellery and valuables, of the insured™s home in India caused by burglary and/or robbery during the policy period.
  • 6. trip Cancellation: Compensation for loss of personal accommodation or travel charges due to necessary and unavoidable cancellation of trip prior to its start from India due to death, serious injury or sudden sickens requiring minimum three day hospitalization of insured or family member (spouse, parent or child).

What is Corporate Age Package?
This plan is specially designed to meet the needs of senior citizens aged between 61-70 years.


There are a number of organizations that appear to have created service success and then proceeded to set new standards of superiority.
Today there are more than 5000 Branch in our countries. Each afternoon, all over the world, millions of customers are greeted cheerfully and sincerely, as if they were personal friends of the employees.

How does Insurance do it?
Insurance success story is partially the result of spending hundreds of millions of rupees in advertising and sales promotion each year. However, the main reason is meticulous attention to detail. It is much more an operations-oriented than a market-oriented company. This is not apparent to the consuming public. They only see the results, the cheerful smile.
By way of an overall summary, Insurance commitment to service and to good human resource management begins at the corporate level and promotes these same philosophies in all the regions, districts, and offices, and every facility and every Insurance. The organization™s customer focused values are reinforced by its policies toward its own people.

  • Strong customer-focused corporate values: quality, service, cleanliness, and value
  • Team environment encouraging interdependence
  • Emphasis on employee participation with rapid management response
  • Exposure of all levels to upper management
  • Management panels and audiovisuals
  • Discussions by supervisor in charge
  • Managers seen as coaches and counselors, not judges, juries, or critics
  • Monthly supervisory meeting with department head to discuss about strategy